Highlights & Dreams


I started 2013 in the exact same way as I’m starting 2014: full of aims, dreams and goals.

Although, I didn’t do everything I wanted this year, due to being extremely introverted, I still managed to have a decent year. Below, I’m going to list my highlights from this year.

– I’ve gotten to know some amazing people and they’ve become such great friends to me and honestly, this year would have been really bad if it wasn’t for them.
– I got noticed and tweeted by some of my favorite musicians and actors
– I met one of my Facebook friends in person and we went to see Bowling For Soup.
– I reached 1000 followers on Twitter.
– My blog has had over 500 views from people in 20+ countries.
– I got a signed CD as a gift from one of my favorite bands.
– I’ve had various art made for just for me (thanks to the artists)
– I made a YouTube channel (although nothing is on it right now)
– I’ve discovered some amazing new bands
– A friend of mine turned lyrics I wrote into a full song…and it’s incredible.
– I wrote some reviews for bands…and they liked what I had to say.
– I gave blood for the first time.

I know that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s awesome to me, and I’m grateful for everything good that’s happened to me this year.
Of course, there’s been negative things, but life’s too short to dwell on them.

As for 2014, here is a list of things I want to happen:

– I want to meet some friends in person
– Go to more live shows.
– Write more; reviews, stories, songs, etc.
– Go see new movies.
– Get up to 2000 Twitter followers.
– Have more art made for me
– Actually try to start vlogging; even if it’s just one or two videos in the whole year.
– Try and get more involved in music.
– Get a tattoo.
– Give blood again.
– Get involved with charity work.

Now that I’ve said my piece, I want to know a few things;

What are your highlights from this year?
What are you most looking forward to in 2014?
And what do you hope to achieve in 2014?

Let me know in either the comment thread below, or on my Twitter account.

Have a wonderful New Year, my friends.


Christmas, 2013, & Thank-you’s.

As we approach the end of 2013, I would just like to talk about a few things. Grab a drink, and comfortable and enjoy the read!

First, Christmas! Yes, Christmas. The one day of the year people get together and pretend to like each other, the day we exchange gifts, and the day we all get to stuff our faces with as much food as we can – and occasionally, the day spoilt children and teenagers complain about what they have.
But just remember, whilst you’re all happy and jolly and warm, there are less fortunate people than you out in the world. Maybe they’ve never celebrated Christmas – maybe they’re sat in the cold, while their parents are drinking themselves into a coma.

Gifts are great, I’ll admit, but it’s materialistic. Remember, to just be grateful for what you do have, rather than what you don’t have. And spare a thought for those kids this year.

Secondly, this year has undeniably been my worst year to date. While I’m not going to go into the reasons why because that’s personal to me: even though a few of you may already know, just know that things will be looking up from next year.
However, it has also been my best year so far, and that is because of all the amazing friends I have, and the people I’ve become friends with. They don’t realise it, but they have helped me so much this year. I was in a really bad place, and they pretty much saved me. I’ll be forever grateful to them for that.

With that cleared up, I’d like to take the time to thank a few people:

The bands; Tin Soldiers, Post Descartes and Black Nevada for letting me review their music, despite me not being a professional journalist. Doing so helped me realise how much I love writing.

Fish: You have become a great friend to me, and you know I always support you and your music. You’re the best, dude!

Skully, Derads, Stephano: You guys are fucking insane. Thanks for making the last few months of this year awesome.

J.A.B: You, my friend, are so freaking amazing. You’re bat shit crazy though. I hope a certain musician takes care when he’s ever around you!

Everybody else: Stay toasty, my friends.

I’m sorry I couldn’t mention all of you: I’d be here forever. Just know, I love and appreciate every single one of you. You’ve all helped make this year in some way.

With that said, I hope you all have a great Christmas.

Take care, friends.

– Thanks for reading.


All too often online, I see people the target of bullying and hate comments. Whether it’s done openly on sites like Facebook and Twitter, or anonymously on Ask.fm.

It’s a common thing among young people; mostly kids between the ages of 11 and 16. And why? Maybe the person they’re attacking is somebody who is different to what they are; be it a neon pink-haired punk, a quiet girl who likes to be alone, or somebody with an opposite opinion to them.

You know what, victimizing somebody for those reasons makes you a fucking scumbag.

It’s happening among young people in fanbases, too. They’re all too quick to jump to a fucking assumption that isn’t remotely what somebody’s opimion is about.

Tthe other day, a friend of mine posted a video on YouTube about a certain; let’s say entertainer. The title was “******* sucks”.

Guess what happened next?

Yep. A lot of illiterate 10 year olds jumped on the video spewing venomous hate for no reason whatsoever. I believe one of the comments was something along the lines of “no you suck how dare u insult my idol u shit fuck u fuck your mom go die in a hole”.

Seeing that, I was both shocked and appalled. Firstly, how can a kid as young as 10 be that angry? Secondly, they’re too young to be on the internet, so what the fuck are they doing? And finally, at 10 years old, you shouldn’t be watching videos of said people anyway.

Another thing, I’m devastated at the amount of kids that take the abuse and shit they’re getting because they believe if they don’t, somebody will be. That’s fucking heartbreaking.

Here’s some advice though: if you’re being bullied or victimized, or being hurt in any way, don’t fucking just take it. Do something about it. Other kids will be put through the same regardless.

Y’know why?

Because people giving the shit out are fucking scum. They’re insecure about themselves, so making somebody else feel worthless gives them a sense of validation. That’s pathetic, right?

Next time you see a kid being bullied, or you yourself are being bullied, don’t just accept it, turn around and punch the fuckers in the face.


And remember: you are fucking beautiful, kid.

20 Facts About Me

I saw on Twitter that there was a ’20 facts about me’ trend, so I thought I would do one, but on here – just so people could get to know me a little better… Enjoy.

1. My favorite bands are Linkin Park, Yellowcard and Tin Soldiers – I love so many bands, but they’re my favorites.
2. I am English, but also Irish, French, Dutch and Canadian.
3. I have a guitar; even though I never play it. It’s called Rayzor.
4. My favorite games to play are the Mortal Kombat games, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.
5. How I act/chat/do anything online is a lot different to how I am in person. I’m a lot more reserved and shy.
6. I have a black and white hamster called Jimmy. He was named that because when I got him, I heard St. Jimmy by Green Day playing.
7. I have never been on a date.
8. The first CD I bought was ‘Massive RnB Hits’. The second one was Living Things by Linkin Park.
9. My favorite film is tied between Donnie Darko and House Of Flying Daggers.
10. I have only been “abroad” once…that was to Ireland. I love it there. It’s beautiful.
11. When I was about 4, I told a boy I liked him then we went to my bedroom, hid under the covers…and um canoodled.
12. I am not religious. I find the whole concept of religion pointless.
13. I’m a sucker for anything childish; balloons, stickers, bubbles, teddy bears, etc. I love that shit!
14. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series (omg, Jess, you’re like, totes original)
15. I like alternative art; graffiti, tattoos, music, etc – None of that fruit in a bowl bullshit.
16. I love Pokemon. It is the best thing ever.
17. As a child, I sometimes thought I could fly. This led to a lot of injuries.
18. When I was younger, I used to act like I had Tourettes syndrome so I had an excuse to be obnoxious to people I didn’t like. (don’t do it, kids. It’s wrong ;D)
19. The first band I loved was Busted. I miss those guys.
20. I hate homophobic people.

So, that is 20 facts about me. It was a lot harder to do than I thought it would be… But I hope you liked finding out a little more about me anyway.

Thanks for reading!


This post is just a short rant over a few comments I saw on Facebook; comments such as ‘What happened to Linkin Park, they used to be good. Sell outs.’

The term “selling out” has been thrown around a lot over the last few years by people who claim to have once been a fan of the bands they accuse of such a thing.

However, these people, to me, are idiots, and they clearly know nothing about music and a musician’s need to change, mature and expand their creativity through a whole new sound, going on to do another project, or simply going solo.

A band, unless completely happy with what they do, cannot constantly keep making the same music. It will make them bored, and eventually they will grow to despise what they once loved. Bands will change, even if only slightly.

But if you want to be stuck in the year 2000, dressed all in black, moshing to angsty “nu-metal” albums, then that’s great. If it makes you happy, good for you. Keep at it, and I wish you well.

10 Years Of Ocean Avenue: An Underdog’s Story

As some of you may be aware, today marks the tenth anniversary of the Ocean Avenue album; The record that changed everything for everyone.

I could talk about these people; my friends, my fellow Underdogs, but today I would like to share my story.

I was 15, and was going through a very tough time in life. My dad had recently walked out of my life, I was feeling victimized at school, and I barely had any real friends. I had never felt so alone.

One day, however. I was sat at the computer, chatting to a friend about everything, when he sent me a link to this band I had never heard of before. He told me to listen to it. Really listen to it. They were called Yellowcard. The song was “Believe”.

Right then, I felt like this band actually knew me, and were saying “it’s okay, we understand.” – I know they weren’t, but I took comfort that there were people who had felt the way I felt right then.

(- It was only later on, I realised what the song was about, but that didn’t matter to me, because I could relate to it.)

I listened to this song constantly for a few weeks, before I just stopped – I still don’t know the reason to this day, and I forgot all about them, until a few years ago.

The second time I found them, I was 17. I had just gone through a pretty bad break-up, and I heard “Believe” playing again.

This time, I knew they were here to stay. I did some research on them, and found out “Believe” was on Ocean Avenue. I bought it soon after that. I then bought WYTTSY and Southern Air last year.

It was through those albums that I learnt truly what Yellowcard were about, and in a sense, they had saved me.

I just want to say; Thank you, Yellowcard. For the inspiration, for the love, for your message. For everything. I love you guys more than you know.

Lyrical Ramlings

As some of you may know (many of you may not), a few months into this year I made a decision to broaden my writing skills, and try lyric writing.

After weeks of average lyrics, frustration, and tears, I came up with this song about heartbreak, emotional vulnerability and being victimized which I’m sure we could have all related to at some point in our lives..

A friend of mine was her usual genius self. She added a second verse, came up with a tune and made it into a song, which I am extremely proud of.

The lyrics are below.

Verse 1:
She was once beat, twice broken, three times scarred,
She didn’t know a certain darkness is needed to see the stars,
She was left betrayed by a victim of emotion,
A poor girl so vunerable, too trusting, too pure.

She stood so alone
right on the brink
but no matter how rough the sea
she refuses to sink -2x

She refuses to sink.

Verse 2:
There’s a broken road calling out her name saying it’s all her fault,
She tried to runaway but kept falling,
into the fear,
into all the nightmares to come.


And here is the song: http://soundcloud.com/dubstepissleep/refuses-to-sink